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Week 1 - Wednesday 23rd September @ 5:30pm

Adam Kurzfeld - Cleansing Yoga and Breathwork

Adam is my favorite yoga teacher and massage therapist to recently depart the Bay Area. He'll be dropping in for us to share a 1 hour yoga class focussed on cleansing and detoxing our lungs from the heavy smoke filled days we have had to endure. Here's a link to Adam's morning yoga session on youtubeif you just can't wait.


Week 2 - Wednesday 30th September @ 5:30pm

Manas Itene - African Drum Workshop

Manas is my favorite human and partner in crime and life. As a full time touring musician his career has taken a long hiatus due to Covid. He is now bringing his incredible musical talent to the people through drum lessons online or in person in the SF Bay Area. Get your drum ready or use a box or a bucket upside down and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to feel the healing and incredibly fun benefits of banging on the drum. To find out more check out Manas right here or on Instagram. He is taking new students and offering after school group programs. 

Week 3 - Wednesday 7th October @ 5:30pm

 Kylie Walsh & Cara Spangler - Desk Set Up for the family & self massage 

Cara is an all time favorite bodyworker in the Bay Area who's career has been put on hold during Covid. Cara will share all the self massage tricks and tips you need whilst you can't get your weekly massage in the Bay Area. If you've got balls or foam rollers at home bring these along, you can also work with a tennis ball, a rolled up towel or your kids, your partners or your very own hands! I'll be dropping in to share desk set up gold to prevent those achey backs and neck in our new WFH & School life.  


Week 4 - Wednesday 14th October

Kundalini Yoga & Music 

Week 5 - Wednesday 21st October

5 Rhythms Dance Party Finale 



Welcome to the practice of Kylie Walsh, MHSc (Osteo) - thank you for stopping by.


Kylie completed her combined Bachelor and Masters degree in osteopathy in Melbourne, Australia in 2008. Kylie's goal is to provide you with the best possible osteopathic care. Ensuring that when you walk in or peruse this website you are enriched by the contact and are at the doorway to improving the overall health and well-being of all of you. 


Osteopathy is a holistic approach to health care. An osteopathic consultation will endeavour to uncover and understand the workings of your body and why exactly there is a dis-ease or issue present. We use a variety of techniques to address the cause of the problem enabling the body to begin the healing process and re-establish normal and harmonious function between all systems of the body. 


Although Kylie's tools box is full of techniques to assist you the primary treatment technique utilized is the Biodynamic approach to Osteopathy. This is a unique approach to treatment, extremely gentle yet powerful in its ability to reconnect the individual to their health, promoting the body’s innate capacity to heal. Its gentle nature means that it is suitable for all ages, from babies and children through to adults and the elderly.


Osteopathy is to me a very sacred science. It is sacred because it is a healing power through all nature.   

- Andrew Taylor Still, Founder of Osteopathy 



Kylie is a passionate and dedicated Australian trained non-physician osteopath now residing in the Bay Area of California. She graduated from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia in 2008 with a 5 year combined Bachelor and Masters Degree in Clinical Sciences and Osteopathy. Kylie has spent all of her years absorbing as much information and knowledge as she possibly can, attending courses around the world, as well as working alongside practitioners held in great 

esteem and with many years of practice and wisdom under their belt. Kylie has been fortunate enough to travel from her home city of Melbourne, Australia to the United States to learn from Dr. James Jealous, founder of the biodynamic approach to osteopathy in the cranial field. This learning has been pivotal in Kylie's professional growth and development.


Kylie loves osteopathy and all it has to offer the evolving and healing individual. She enjoys treating patients of all ages and any condition. She is particularly interested in supporting the normal growth and development of newborns through childhood. She is also passionate about supporting women to good health, including prenatal and postpartum women in the preparation and recovery of birth. She is inspired to assist each individual to live a healthier, stronger and better life. 


Kylie is excited to now be residing in the Bay Area and to share her enthusiasm, skills and knowledge with this community. Kylie has a strong desire to bring the traditional principles of osteopathy and the natural laws of healing to her treatments, ensuring that each treatment is unique to the patient and respectful and supportive of their journey to good health and healing.


Outside of osteopathy, Kylie loves being outdoors: running, riding, hiking, yoga, camping and exploring the natural world! She seeks out adventure and loves traveling the world and learning about its many different cultures and diverse environments! She has a particularly strong love affair with the wonders of India!  All things creative inspire her and she loves spending her time painting and drawing. Kylie is a friendly face and loves meeting new people and hearing their inspiring stories or hardships!


Kylie is ready to meet you and to be part of you and your families' journey towards health and well-being.





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