Biodynamics of Cranial Osteopathy 

Osteopathy, as you may now be aware, is a philosophy. A set of principles encompassing all that we are, that when applied to the human body in treatment and in life yields great results. The way I have been able to more fully understand osteopathy in its most traditional form has been through studying the study of the biodynamic approach to cranial osteopathy with Dr James Jealous.


This is an extremely gentle style of treatment and despite the name, is not just about the head. Cranial osteopathy is able to assist the body in reaching a deep level of rest. This rest we should be able to achieve on our own, however when this is not possible for any period of time a dysfunction in any part of the body can present itself. With our hands gently placed on varying areas of the body we are able to understand more about the function that is present in the system and what forces are holding the body back from making a full recovery. We are able to assess and understand the structures that are not able to perform as intended. With this information we assist the body back in line with the healing forces of nature. 


These healing forces are present at conception, they are the embryological forces that create us and are present and alive through our entire life. These embryological forces co-ordinate all growth and development, healing and compensations. With gentle hands placed on the patient we are able to bring the entire organism and all systems back into balance with the embryological forces present and as a result support the body to good health and improved function. 


This approach to treatment is non invasive and is able to powerfully support and address all systems of the body. The patient is fully clothed and the will often report feeling very rested and peaceful following a treatment. This is a normal and healthy state of rest we need to achieve to heal.