Osteopathy and Children

Kylie is extremely passionate about assisting in the health and well-being of the children. They are the sunshine to the earth and deserve high levels of care. You and your child are in good, well trained, compassionate and caring hands when seeking treatment with Kylie.

The perfection of the child is well respected with osteopathic treatment. Ever so gently osteopathic treatment aims to support the normal unfolding, natural growth and development of your little one. This will normally happen freely and easily in a child but the big wide world can be a harsh place, the birth itself can be levels of trauma and amazement that we're made to endure but will sometimes leave some residual strains that a baby's little body must try to heal from or adapt to. It is these adaptations that cause your little one to show a variety of symptoms; this is the body compensating. 


Osteopathic treatment aims to support the natural healing forces, giving rise to better and more harmonious function in the whole system. This is achieved using a gentle hands on approach to balance the affected tissues, guiding the body back into synchronisation with its perfect health. When the system is in perfect balance your little one has the best chance at normal and healthy growth and development. 

During a treatment a thorough history is taken, a non invasive and gentle examination with explanations of the findings and prognosis are discussed and very gentle treatment is given. There is no forceful movements, you child is treated using the principles of osteopathy and will involve gentle balancing techniques. Babies and children will often appear very relaxed and calm. Treatment can take place whilst nursing or whilst your baby is sleeping. For those active little rascals that can't sit still we will play on the floor, read and follow them around to ensure they receive the care needed. 

How could treatment help my child?


  • General check up post birth 

  • Reflux/Colic

  • Sleep disturbances 

  • Misshapen head (Plagiocephaly)

  • Lack neck motion/Torticollis

  • Clicky hips/Hip dysplasia 

  • Feeding difficulties 

  • Tongue tie related dysfunctions or post release check-up

  • Constipation & other digestive issues

Toddlers & Older Children​

  • General check ups 

  • Sporting injuries 

  • Falls 

  • Reoccurring colds/coughs/infections

  • Asthma & respiratory health 

  • Ear infections 

  • Digestive issues & constipation 

  • Growing pains 

  • Bed wetting 

  • Developmental delay 

  • Learning and behavioural difficulties

  • Anxiety & Sleep disturbances 

  • Hyperactivity