Pay It Forward 

Pay it forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor.1

Do you have that fire inside to help others and make the world a better, more kind and harmonious place to live? I have had that same fire for as long as I can remember. I landed in osteopathy after voicing my desire to "help people walk again" to my 9th grade teacher. Hard work, as life can, a long journey through secondary college and university has landed me in a career that sees me helping people on a daily basis. I really feel my work as an Osteopath is a blessing, I have been fortunate enough work in all kinds of places, in many different countries, for anyone that I meet that may benefit from treatment.


I once treated an Indian lady who was a beautiful artist, on the bench in the middle of her art gallery because she was suffering from terrible migraines. I've also treated sherpas high up in the Himalayan mountains, their neck and back in need of some TLC from years of carrying heavy loads up and down the mountains. 

I am setting up this 'pay it forward' scheme through my practice to expand my practice to more people than just those that can afford it. 

If you have fallen victim to the kind deed of another party and would like to pay it forward you are welcome to leave any monetary donation that will benefit someone in need of an appointment but not in a financial position to pay for it.  

All beneficiaries of the 'pay it forward' scheme that Kylie offers must complete an application form to qualify for a treatment or series of treatments that will ensure their body has the opportunity to heal, reaping the benefits of treatment so they can go on living their days pain free. 

Please contact Kylie directly if you are interested in taking part in this scheme either as donor or recipient.