What is Osteopathy? 

Osteopathy is a philosophy, a holistic way of interacting with the body and assisting in its healing.

Founded by Andrew Taylor Still in Kirksville, Missouri in the late 1800's. Still, already a medical doctor, disillusioned by the results that modern medicine was giving searched for an alternate way of treating the complaints that came to his office. Still cured a multitude of complaints using Osteopathic principles and the application of them through manual or hands on treatment, often coupled with rest and the recommendation of a good diet. People came from far and wide to have the old doc treat them. 

The principles of Osteopathy see the entire body as a single drop, an entire unit with an innate capacity to heal and regenerate when in the right environment. There are certain stressors and strains that we endure on a daily basis or a once off trauma of any magnitude that sees our body no longer able to move or function with ease in a healthy manner, it is forced to compensate. This is the discomfort or

the suffering we feel. It is the osteopaths job to remove this stress or strain immediately and allow the body to restore its normal and harmonious function.


During a treatment the focus is on improving the bodies ability to respond to the natural healing forces present in the system. Paying close attention to anatomical structures (muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons and fascia) and their influence on the entire organism and other systems of the body, the osteopath will seek to gently and effectively balance the affected tissues giving way to normal blood flow, nerve supply and lymphatic function and inviting the bodies natural ability to heal into the foreground.